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cover The Yankee Chick's Survival Guide to Texas
by Sophia Dembling

This book is hilarious! I'm may not be a "Yankee Chick," but as a California Chick in Texas there was so much I could relate to. And, intersperesed between the parts that made me fall over laughing, I found a lot of great information (great stuff for Texas newcomers or even people who have lived here for a while).

Review by Gale Langley
(Born in California, Texas resident since 1996)

cover Howard Garrett's Texas Organic Gardening Book
by Howard Garrett

I would recomend any gardening books put out by this author. While I was working at The Herb Market in Carrolton, I had a chance to read several of his books. His books are practical and easy to read--and since he lives in Texas, they all come from the eyes of someone who knows what its like to garden here. If you garden, especially if you garden organically (or want to start), this book will be emensely helpful to you.

Review by Gale Langley
(Born in California, Texas resident since 1996)

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